Land Investments Expo

Land Investment Expo. This is an exhibition targeting buyers, sellers and developers of land.

Since the inaugural Land Investments Expo, interest in the event has been steadily growing into one of the nation’s premier events focused on the future of agriculture, land investments and entrepreneurship. Visitors take time to gain the latest and greatest investment techniques and information while networking with fellow Real Estate agents, brokers and investment seekers.

The Expo draws strong interest from major institutional investors, national agricultural organizations, economists, and political & academic leaders, who see the event as a significant opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities involving land investment and management strategies, as well as identifying market forces and exploring the impact of urbanization trends on agricultural land.

The event is about finding habitable spaces for human settlement in which to live and work. It is about learning, discovering and enhancing productivity, and developing humanity.

It is a special event in which land sellers and financiers will engage with investors on the dynamics of land ownership, land verification and titling. Prospective land buyers, land selling agents, financiers and SACCOs with land will engage with real estate developers, private Investors and Institutional Investors and corporate firms.

We look forward to hosting you at this annual event.


Land Investments Expo is Kenya’s ideal one-on-one resource platform for searching, buying, selling and leasing land.  For one, this finite resource for development brings together a diverse range of exhibitors to engage with land buyers.

Young Kenyans are beginning to invest in as early as their mid-20s, and have focussed their energies on investments that have long term benefits, land being one of them.  Event visitors are as varied as lifestyle and locale, but what unites all landowners is a passion for land. The reasons to buy land are as diverse as the topography of our great country. Some invest. Others like to get their hands dirty. Then there are those who just want to get away from it all.


Land Investments Expo is an important platform that brings together land buyers and sellers to network, seal deals, and to demystify land ownership. 

It is also a necessary platform for the initiation of a national conversation on land to help resolve long standing issues associated with land transactions, which have dogged the country since time immemorial.  


Land Buyers & Sellers

Land Investments Expo offers the land buyer the opportunity to make informed choices. The expo connects land sellers to the land buyers. It is the most effective one-on-one engagement between these two entities that leads to major development initiatives.

Financial institutions

Land Investments Expo offers financial institutions the opportunity to engage with potential land buyers as well as land developers seeking financial boost to invest and develop land.

Land experts

Land Investments Expo gives the visitors the opportunity to engage land experts in government and the private sector to understand dynamics of landownership, land verification and land titling processes.


Property Agents

The Land Investment Expo is an ideal platform for property sellers. Since they act as a first point of contact for potential buyers, they often advise on current market trends.

Financial institutions

FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Banks, SACCOs and Microfinance Institutions providing asset finance are strategic exhibitors at the Land Investment Expo. Why? Several SACCOs have land to dispose. The expo will therefore be a worthwhile exposure for these SACCOs with property to sell. The expo offers banking and microfinance institutions an opportunity to showcase their capacity to finance land.

Service providers

These are key providers of services that closely relate with the business of acquisition and development of land. These include providers of services such as; Firms that generate and distribute power Water and sanitation Providers of equipment for construction Environmental agencies. Telcom companies that provide connectivity Providers of products that assist in the construction


Locations with agribusiness land lined for leasing and selling shall as well be showcased at the Land Investments Expo.

Past Exhibitors

  • Angaza Real Estate

  • Bien Properties Consultants

  • Coral Properties

  • Dolphins Real Estates Ltd

  • Elite Scorpion Investigators

  • Equity Bank

  • Finvest Capital Ltd

  • Gimco Ltd

  • Golden Reed

  • Green Pot Enterprises

  • Guton Kenya Ltd

  • Home Afrika

  • Housing Finance

  • Kahoro Group

  • KAIG

  • Kamuthi Housing Co-op

  • Kenya Commercial Bank

  • Landplus Properties

  • Megadome Investments

  • Muigai Properties

  • MySpace Properties

  • Ndatani Properties Co. Limited

  • Olivion Investments

  • Panafrican Properties

  • Scheme Developers Limited

  • Shelter Properties

  • Solid Spec

  • Spic & Span Ventures

  • Unique Investment Properties [UIP]

  • Urithi Housing

  • Vineyard Properties Ltd

  • Wealth Properties


  • Decision-makers from various corporate firms

  • National and County Government officials

  • Local and international investors

  • Land valuers

  • Builders and Architects

  • List Title Property Managers and Consultants

  • High net worth individuals in various fields

  • Contractors and property developers

  • Chamas/investments groups

  • The general public


  • The Land Investments Expo presents a unique opportunity to increase brand awareness and uncover credible leads at a year-after-year sold-out event

  • Utilize pre-event marketing and branding opportunities to reach target audiences

  • Take advantage of networking opportunities with industry peers and prospective customers land-related fields.

  • Increase exposure to your brand by associating with a leading land event


  • Build your brand with visible exposure on digital and printed marketing materials

  • Promote your organization to a broad range of investment professionals, including major institutional investors, landowners, agricultural organizations, economists, as well as political and academic leaders

  • Become an exhibitor at our expo and promote your latest products and services

  • Demonstrate your commitment to socially responsible land investing.

  • Make new contacts with investors, presenters, and exhibitors

  • Engage with key stakeholders through our social media reach and media coverage

  • Gain insider insight to trends and themes in the land investment sector

  • Connect with landowners and potential landowners through digital and print collateral such as the Land Magazine.


Meet the market from all over the region – in one location at this three-day event.

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